About Daniel Diaz &
D2 Leadership Coaching

Daniel has served as executive director of one of New York City’s most successful nonprofit organizations that supports one of the country’s most under-served areas. During his tenure, he has directed educational programs that have resonated upward into New York City’s and New York State’s educational efforts, improving pre-school-through-college education quality and student success rates.

Prior to his directorship, he has helped tackle New York City’s complex and challenging homelessness among youth.

He has guided and mentored emerging executive talent to higher levels of performance, furthering their organizations’ successes, and propelling executives into greater career opportunities. He has helped nonprofit organizations better communicate and portray their value to constituents and improved fundraising activity.

Daniel was born and raised in the Bronx, and he uses personal awareness of this community and its greatness as inspiration to help steer organizations to higher levels of performance . He is a graduate of Fordham University, a husband, a father, and a NYC Marathon runner.